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Mentoring / Instruction Programme

Coloured pencil is an amazing medium that is perfect for animal drawings. Aron has used them since 1987, and developed a unique way of working that allows him to create lifelike drawings. Aron has collected his experience in an instruction package that he believes can be helpful to everyone.

There are many benefits to engaging a mentor. They can help short-cut years of wasted time and effort. Suggest the best materials, or tell you which ones to avoid. Show you techniques you hadn't thought of, explain why some compositions work and some don't, and so on.
They can also point out weaker areas you need to work on to have a more rounded skill-set.

The Mentoring package consists of -

A 40 page illustrated coloured pencil drawing guide, which includes -

  1. Taking Photos for Drawing
  2. Composition
  3. Preparation for Drawing
  4. Materials
  5. Drawing Techniques
  6. Scanning & Preparing Images for Websites, Emails and Printing

A critique of your work, suggesting ways to improve.
A few Skype sessions where you can ask any questions, and get personal instruction.
Three months email support (and landline phone calls if within the UK.)

It is good sometimes to get a different perspective. Someone outside the family who won't just say "That's nice dear!" But suggest ways to improve your technique, use of materials, and to offer ongoing support in the weeks ahead as you practice these new methods.

To book in, please Email Aron at -

Or Tel: 01264 359054