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Aron Gadd is an animal portrait artist, with over 30 years experience in producing highly detailed drawings of, family pets, horses and country homes.

Aron has a unique style, producing highly detailed compositions of Dogs, Horses, Cats and now People too! to commission. Aron produces his animal portraits in artist's quality coloured pencils. His palette consists of at least 100 colours, and a finished picture looks rather like watercolour but with greater depth and detail.

Why commission an animal portrait from Aron?

Pet Portraits are a wonderful way to remember treasured members of the family, and can be an original and personal gift for a loved one that will be a joy for years to come.

Aron is not the cheapest, but that is because he works with care and precision. Every effort is taken to ensure that your portrait is perfect, and is an exact study of your dog, cat or horse and no other, with every hair in place! Because of this Aron has hundreds of satisfied clients. Many of which return years later for a portrait of the next generation of their pets.

Your picture will be on your wall for many years, so it pays to ensure it is a fitting reminder of your animal. In fact some families club together to commission a pet portrait for a special birthday or anniversary.

For more information about Aron's pet portraits please click on the Artist & Information button, or to see more examples of previous commissions, enter the galleries by clicking on one of the gallery buttons above.

Aron provides a complete pet portrait service, from photo-shoot to framing, and although based in Andover, Hampshire, (which is near the borders of Berkshire and Wiltshire,) routinely receives commissions for his animal portraits from all over the South of England, especially Sussex and Surrey.

He also travels to Yorkshire a couple of times a year and can do photoshoots anywhere in-between. In this way he can cover most parts of the UK.

Prices - 2021

Price includes:
My travel expenses up to 50 miles from Andover.
Free picture CD containing the photos of your animal and extra digital image of your portrait.


Notes on Sizes

All sizes are approximate but I try to ensure that the drawings are at least these dimensions.

Head sizes are measured in centimetres vertically from the top of the animal’s head to where the drawing fades out at the neck.  Around this is white space, so when the picture is framed the overall size would be much bigger than the size shown.

Whole body sizes are measured showing vertical measurement first and are measured from the top of the animal’s head to where the grass fades out at the base of the drawing.  Again, around this is white space, so when the picture is framed the overall size would be much bigger than the size shown.

A framing service is available on request.